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10 Great Spring Cleaning Tips for 2019

Spring is almost here! And, whether you're selling your house or not, now is the perfect time to clean up and clean out!
Here are 10 Spring Cleaning Tips to get the job done in record time!

1. Declutter your home

​There's a very simple rule you can use to declutter your home. If you haven't used something in the past six months, you should consider throwing it away. The only exceptions to this rule are seasonal items and clothing. Separate out the 'keep', 'donate' or 'throw' away items and deal with them accordingly.

This may seem harsh, but you'll be surprised by how many extra items you have sitting around your home that you don't need and how much additional room you'll have by throwing a few of them away.

2. Remove Hard Water Stains

On Faucets:
Moisten the fixture with a wedge of lemon or some vinegar on a microfiber cloth and let sit for 5 minutes, then scrub again. Rinse thoroughly, then buff dry.
In Toilets:
Turn off the water supply to the toilet then flush it to reduce the amount of water in the bowl. (Use a plunger to push additional water down the drain until the bowl is empty.) Spray the bowl with straight white vinegar and wait 20-30 minutes before scrubbing with a toilet brush. For more stubborn spots, sprinkle on baking soda and scrub. Please note: It may foam a bit. Turn the water supply back on and flush.

3. Get The Stains Out of Your White Sink

No bleach required! Try sprinkling some Baking Soda into the dry sink, adding a little dish soap and scrubbing! Yellow stains don't stand a chance! For more stubborn stains, add a little Lemon Juice to the mix! ​​

​4. Wash Your Shower Curtain Line

Shower curtain liners can be breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Get rid of the gunk on the liner by washing it in the laundry. Toss the liner into the washer, and add a half cup of detergent, a half cup of bleach or vinegar, and a few towels to ensure the cycle runs smoothly. When finished, allow the liner to air-dry before putting it back on display in your shower. Simple, but effective.

5. Get Red Wine Out of Carpet

Make this clean-up easy by pouring some White Wine on the stain! Sprinkle some Baking Soda on top and leave it for a bit. Once paste forms, scrub and wipe and watch the stain disappear. Works great on clothes too!

6. Clean Your Sponges

You would be surprised to discover how many germs we actually spread by cleaning with dirty, germ-filled sponges! Just throw your sponges in the microwave! Make sure they're wet, then toss them in and turn the microwave on high for 2 minutes. You'll be eliminating 99% of all the little microbes that might be living in there.

7. Don't Forget Your Ceiling Fan

I can't see the dust on my ceiling fan, but some of my taller friends can! Make it easy on yourself and just slip a pillowcase over the ceiling fan blades, one at a time, then wipe. Dust falls into the pillowcase, not on your furniture and floors.

8. Clean the Humidifier

As beneficial as humidifiers can be, they can actually harm your health if not kept clean. The warm, moist conditions created by your humidifier can cause bacteria and mold to form. They should be cleaned and disinfected at least once a week.
How to clean:
Unplug your humidifier. Remove the filter (if there is one) and rinse with cool water. Some chemicals can cause permanent damage to filters, so it’s best to not use any. Set the clean filter on a towel and let any excess water drip off. Remove the water tank. Check the base of your humidifier for any mineral deposits, mold or mildew. To clean these areas, use a scrub brush or an old toothbrush dipped in white vinegar. Repeat the scrubbing process a second time, if needed, then rinse the areas thoroughly. Once you have cleaned the humidifier, you can disinfect it with bleach (or hydrogen peroxide). Fill the water tank with water, and add one teaspoon of bleach or hydrogen peroxide per gallon of water. Gently swish the solution to coat the tank evenly, and allow it to sit for at least 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Put the humidifier back together, fill the tank with cool water and resume regular use.

​9. Tackle That Stinky Garbage Disposal

Everyone likes to gather in the kitchen, and a Smelly Garbage Disposal can be a bit embarrassing. Freshen your kitchen by cutting up a lemon and putting a couple of slices in the garbage disposal. (This is also a great tip to use just before your guests arrive!)

10. Remove Pet Hairs with Rubber Gloves

Cat and Dog hair gets on everything! That's where a pair of rubber gloves come in handy. Because of the material, they're made from, and the friction it creates, hairs will naturally stick to them. Works great!
Happy Spring Cleaning!

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