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13 Best Outdoor Activities in Lower Gwynedd


From hiking to birdwatching, and painting to photography, there is always an opportunity to experience the great outdoors in Lower Gwynedd Township every season

All four of Lower Gwynedd Townships' stunning villages have ample opportunities to spend time outdoors. Whether you prefer hiking in Spring House or birdwatching in Penllyn, there is a multitude of ways to spend time outside when you live in Lower Gwynedd Township. Here are thirteen outdoor activities to get you outside today.


One of the simplest ways to experience the great outdoors is by stepping out your front door for a walk around the neighborhood. Walking is an excellent form of exercise that reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke, increases pulmonary and cardiovascular health, and is naturally low impact, thus easy on the joints. Go for an afternoon stroll through Veterans Memorial Park in Spring House or take a lap down Penllyn Park’s 1,100-foot walking trail. The Dager Road Trail is a ¾ mile trail that connects with Penllyn Pike. Even a walk along one of Lower Gwynedd Township’s many tree-covered streets is an incredible way to get outside and stay active.


Birdwatching connects people to the environment while helping develop patience, increase reflex speed, and encourage introspection. This activity can be done as a family or individually, which makes it incredibly versatile. If you seek the rejuvenating peace of an afternoon alone in the wilderness, birdwatching is an easy and safe way to experience the great outdoors. On the northern edge of Lower Gwynedd Township sits Gwynedd Preserve, a pristine wildlife area that is perfect for birdwatching experts and amateurs alike. Previously farmland, Gwynedd Preserve is 279 acres of protected land that has become a sanctuary for local wildlife. A walk down the Purple Loop trail is an excellent opportunity to spot the Sedge Wren, a species of bird with a distinct song that is music to the ears of birdwatchers in eastern Pennsylvania.


Biking is an excellent full-body exercise that improves balance, strengthens bones, and increases both muscle strength and flexibility. Whether you choose to bike recreationally or competitively, this is a surefire way to get your heart pumping while enjoying Lower Gwynedd Township’s stunning scenery. Of course, be sure to follow all traffic laws if sharing the road and always wear protective gear to ensure your safety.

Summer Concert Series

Lower Gwynedd Township is blessed with a multitude of talented artists, and each year the Summer Concert Series celebrates music. Concerts are held at Oxford Park on Wednesday nights, and the show starts at 6:30 PM. A new act takes the stage every week, so you might hear Louisiana dance music one week and sweeping jazz arrangements the next. Admission to the concerts is free of charge, so pack up your blankets and lawn chairs and grab a seat on the grass. This is an excellent way to participate in the community while spending time outdoors.

Fitness Court 

With the help of a grant from the National Fitness Campaign, Lower Gwynedd Township is in the process of adding an outdoor exercise area. The Fitness Court, as they call it, is an outdoor gym that allows residents to do the gym workouts they love while outdoors. This outdoor fitness center includes 118 elements and is large enough for 28 people to use simultaneously. Exercises can be adjusted to meet each person’s skill level, from beginner to expert.
The National Fitness Campaign has been dedicated to helping communities build healthy lifestyles for over forty years. Since 1979, they have worked to transform more than 100 cities throughout the nation in order to promote healthy living and create lifelong fitness habits. The fitness court in Lower Gwynedd Township is scheduled for installation this summer, so residents can get outside and get moving while the weather is warm.

Summer Camps

For kids, recreational summer camp programs are designed to help foster creativity, independence, and an increased appreciation for the outdoors. These programs are great if your child needs a summer activity that helps them connect with the outdoors while staying close to home. The city-sponsored six-week summer camps at Penllyn Woods build strong relationships between campers and allow them to interact with nature in a hands-on, supervised environment.


Yoga is a deeply meditative activity that has many proven physical and mental health benefits, but the best part is that you can do it outside. Yoga increases flexibility and balance improves respiration and is often suggested as a tool for relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression. Doing yoga outdoors boosts these benefits by heightening endorphin release and requiring additional balance due to uneven terrain.


For a meal alfresco, Lower Gwynedd Township has plenty of open spaces that are perfect for picnicking. Picnics can be held at any time of day, but are especially popular for lunch. Picnicking with your family is a wonderful bonding experience that can help relieve stress, increase familial communications, and boost moods. Pack up your favorite snacks and head outside to enjoy a meal in the sun, which is a great way to increase your vitamin D intake, support calcium absorption, and strengthen bones. Penllyn Woods has two available picnic pavilions, or feel free to spread a blanket anywhere on the grass.

Recreational Sports

If you’re craving a little competition, head to one of Lower Gwynedd’s parks for a quick game of pick-up soccer or baseball. Penllyn Woods has a 90’ regulation size baseball field as well as two Little League baseball fields, so the whole family can get outside. There is also a standard size soccer field, and the multipurpose field is an excellent spot for kickball, frisbee, or even a simple game of tag. Nearby Penllyn Park has an on-site tennis court that is perfect for an afternoon of doubles. Team sports support good sportsmanship, improve social interactions, and increase comprehension of the importance of cooperation in players. 


Painting en plein air became widely popularized in the 1800s when the Impressionists picked up their paintbrushes and palettes and moved outside. Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Alfred Sisley had the right idea. Moving outdoors can inspire new artistic ideas, and painting outside can help you capture the movement of light, depth of colors, and simplify your painting process. Painting can also be done at any age, whether it’s finger painting or highly realistic renditions. Additionally, painting has been shown to improve memory recollection, relieve stress, and convey emotions, which are valuable skills for both children and adults to practice.


Hiking is a proven way to improve both blood sugar and blood pressure levels, help control weight, and increase bone density while getting outside. Hiking trails vary widely in difficulty levels, which means it is an activity that can be altered to meet your specific skill level. Beginners will enjoy the Treweryn Farm Trail, an open and partially-paved 2.1-mile trail with incredible scenery. You’ll want to bring along a hiking buddy for safety purposes, and this communal activity can relieve stress and increase interpersonal communication. Dogs also make excellent hiking companions, but be sure to check whether or not you need to bring the leash before heading to the trails with your canine companion.


Nature photography is easy when you’re surrounded by Pennsylvania’s inherent beauty. Whether you prefer landscape photography and opt for the dappled light of Penllyn Woods, or choose to practice portraiture near Wissahickon Creek, exploring the outdoors can make for intriguing photographs. Photography is a skill that can be enjoyed at any age. Snapping photos is an excellent way to make and keep memories that will last.


Golfing in Lower Gwynedd Township is a great option for getting outside. Old York Road Country Club in Spring House has been serving the area since 1963 when 126 acres of farmland were transformed into their stunning eighteen-hole golf course. This private course is well manicured, both challenging and entertaining, and is a perfect way to spend an afternoon in the sun. The course at Old York Road Country Club has hosted both PGA and Golf Association of Philadelphia competitions. Lower Gwynedd Township is fortunate to have such esteemed golf facilities available to residents.
When you live in a place as scenically stunning as Lower Gwynedd, you’ll want to take full advantage of the beautiful outdoors. When you’re ready to learn more about Gwynedd Valley homes and Blue Bell real estate for sale, contact me today for more information. 

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