9 Tips for Staging Your Home this Spring


1. Don’t Try to Sell an Empty House

A vacant house looks dismal and forgotten. Buyers will presume financial trouble which may embolden them to make a low offer. Furniture can be rented to create the right atmosphere to entice buyers.
Professional home stagers will provide everything you need if you don’t have the time to tackle this on your own.

2. Get Rid of Clutter

Make your home look bigger and more desirable by cleaning out and getting down to just the basics. You don’t have to throw things out or give them away, but you should definitely be packing them up and getting them out of the house. Renting a storage unit can be a great solution until your home sells.
Pay special attention to your closets. Pack up and store any un-seasonal clothing (crowded closets scream inadequate closet space). Buyers will be opening your closets to look at their storage potential. The less clutter you’ve got, the bigger it will look and the more attractive it will be to buyers.

3. Let the Light In

Lighting makes a big difference when showing a home. Keep the curtains open for showings, and use a mirror in small spaces to reflect light and make the area appear larger. A home with lots of natural light is typically much more welcoming than darker ones.
Living spaces can be transformed and updated by simply swapping out existing lighting for stylish new fixtures. Using a higher wattage bulb can help add illumination to even the darkest corners.

4. Clean, Clean, and Clean Again

Spring cleaning has got nothing on the cleaning you should do when you’re putting your home on the market. A sparkling clean home suggests to buyers that the homeowners took good care of the property. 
Now is the time to tackle the cleaning tasks that you've been putting off. From baseboards to ceiling fans, leave no corner untouched. Keep the kitchens and baths as clean as possible (remove small appliances from countertops). This tip cannot be over-emphasized. Nothing turns off a potential homebuyer more than a dirty home.

5. Put Away the Personal Photos

Of course, you love the photos of your kids and your wedding, but it’s best to pack them up temporarily while your house is on the market. It is difficult for people to envision themselves living there when there are photos of your family all around. Display some key pieces of artwork instead. Home Stagers can help in this regard as well.

6. Let Your Home Breathe

If weather permits, open the windows and let the fresh air in. Letting the fresh air circulate in your home before a showing will help reduce any household odors and give the home a renewed sense of energy. Fresh air is not only healthy, but it increases the serotonin (the happy hormone) you inhale making us all just a little happier.

7. Fresh Coat of Paint

An inexpensive way to give the interior of your home a fresh, new look is with paint. However, be careful when choosing a paint color; the wrong colors can be a huge turnoff for homebuyers. Rule of thumb: Go Neutral. Avoid choosing dark or bright colors in your paint selection. That beautiful shade of purple may be the trendiest color at the moment, but it is certainly not for everyone.
Choose a neutral hue that will be appealing to the majority of potential homebuyers touring your home.

8. Make Small Repairs 

Take a tour of your home and make note of any items that might be seen as a deterrent to a potential homebuyer. Then estimate the cost for rectifying the issue and if it makes sense, make the repair. You’re looking for easy items that a new home buyer won’t want to tackle right after purchasing your home.
Repair the torn window screen, update the yellowing grout, replace that broken tile, etc.. These are relatively easy repairs that can make a big difference in the sale of your home.

9. Curb Appeal Counts

First impressions last. Walk from the street to your front door and take note of what you need to clean, repair or replace outdoors.
Get rid of any junk outside. Polish or replace old door hardware, and make sure to stay ahead of the yard clean-up. Power washing the exterior is always a great place to start. Mulch and plant colorful flowers as early as you can, and put in lots of them. You want to grab the buyer's attention and entice them to take a look inside.
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